Citizens Against Ruining the Environment – CARE

PO Box 536, Lockport IL 60441


C.A.R.E. (Citizens Against Ruining the Environment)
 Phone 815-834-1611
 Email carelockport@usa.com

P.O. Box 536, Lockport, IL 60441
    C.A.R.E., a non profit organizationgladly and appreciativelaccepts all monetary donations.


Meeting Reminder – Monday, October 17, 2016

Join Citizens Against Ruining the Environment ~ CARE  – a non profit, all volunteer organization to discuss environmental & health related issues in Will County & the surrounding areas.
Community service hours also available.
The 3rd Monday of each month 6-7:30 p.m.
White Oak Lockport Library
121 E. Eighth St., Lockport, I
Contact, Ellen, 815.834.1611 or Mary 708.204.6924


This is what CARE is.

Why Do We Need an Environmental Group?

Will County is a Non Attainment Area.

This means that our daily Air Pollution exceeds the standards set by the IEPA

Is this why Asthma is so prevalent in our area?


Is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, dedicated to maintaining the environmental integrity of not only Lockport & Will County but of “Mother Earth.”  C.A.R.E.’s mission is to research, educate & assist in all areas that may have detrimental effects.

Purpose of Organization.  The purposes for which the corporation is organized are to encourage the preservation of our earth and environment within the State of Illinois.

To facilitate, promote, assist, coordinate and assist in the community and public service, conduct seminars and other educational programs concerning preservations, revitalization and improvement of the environment;

To provide a forum for members of the Corporation and concerned citizens to share knowledge, common experience and problems; and to promote and encourage implementation of more effective, comprehensive legal and financing techniques and devices that will further the preservations, revitalization and improvement of the environment.


Ellen Rendulich, 815.834.1611

Carol Stark, 815.793.4678

Sandy Burcenski, 815.838.1442

Mary Burnitz, 815.838.5604